On 12th of February 2014 we visited the Losinj Museum and saw Birch Chooper and Brenne Murphy, AKA MSHR, art installation. (Filip Haithun Jakupovic, 5.a)

The installation is made out of two tin plates, a seashell, a lot of wires, colorful lights and speakers. (Nera Dakic Barichevich, 8. a)

We tried the interactive installation. To turn it (sound and lights) on two people have to stand on the plates of the installation and touch each other. (Mario Jurkovic, 5. c)

I stood in a queue numerous times to try it out. It would have been better if it was dark, because the lights went on but we couldn't see it because it was day. (Valentina Fuzul, 5. c)

Sometimes it sounded like an electric guitar. When we would touch each other's hand the sound would be short and high, and when we would put hands on each other's heads the sound was deep, loud and long. (Karlo Ticak, 5. c)

What I liked the most was trying out the installation. It was so interesting! I like the creativity of these young people and their idea to make such art. It was something new and interesting on Lošinj. (Antoniza Manzoni, 8. c)

I just can't believe that such creative people exist who have fun with things unthinkable to us, common people. This exhibition blew my mind. I hope I will see more of them! (Lara Bani, 8. a)

We also learned what is multimedia, how computers and electronics can be combined to create art and what are input and output units. (Petar Sklepic, 8. a)

Later on we saw the rest of the museum and I saw pictures of how Lošinj looked in the past and what people wore. All in all, I had a really good time. I would like to try that machine again! ( Stella Kucic, 5. c)





MSHR~ Solar Helix installation/presentation

Losinj Museum, Mali Losinj, Croatia

Produced by Skver

Review: http://vizkultura.hr/kako-probuditi-otok/

Feb 12, 2014