Index Network Entity

MSHR installation at Vašulka Kitchen Brno, 2023

Index Network Entity is a sculptural audiovisual instrument housing a generative software entity and a physical interface for engaging with it.

A rectilinear slab hosts this synthetic dance and serves as an interface for engaging with its ever-mutating web of variables. It is an infrastructure for a prismatic relationship of interlocking parameters, expressed as live-rendered digital sculpture and synthesized audio.

The system is built with open source programs Blender and Supercollider, whose sonic and visual forms converse live via OSC. Their conversation unfolds on a machine substrate inside the black box, with four channels of audio output to transducer speakers inside its walls and a video projector beaming the live-rendered forms down onto the box from the ceiling.

Visitors may interact with the system using sculptural knobs to modulate behavior and buttons to randomize the configuration of the elements.

This piece was commissioned for an exhibition of works relating to themes of the Vašulkas living archive- "Open Digital Archive & Live Audience Test Laboratory", curated by Barbora Šedivá.

We are honored to share our work in relation to the Vašulka deep practice as artists designing electronic tools/instruments/systems for audiovisual exploration.

Photos by Kristyna Urbankova:

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