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MSHR is an art collective that builds and explores sculptural electronic systems. Their practice is a self-transforming entity with its outputs patched into its inputs, expressing its form through interactive installations, virtual environments and live improvisations. MSHR was established in 2011 in Portland, Oregon by Brenna Murphy and Birch Cooper. Their name is a modular acronym, designed to hold varied ideas over time.


“Field Circuit Transducer”GAMeC, Bergamo, 2023.

“Catacomb Generator,” Order of Sonic Chaos 2, curated by Jonáš Gruska, Teren, CED Catacombs, Brno, 2022.

“Tomutonttu + MSHR in Collaboration,” Blank Forms, NYC, 2021.

“Material Sentience Habitat Ring,” MIRA, Barcelona, 2020.

“Frame Wave,” Calm & Punk Gallery, Tokyo, 2019.

“Source Fold Compositor - Module Braid,”“National Arts Festival,”  Grahamstown, South Africa, 2018.

“Swamp Matrix,” Sorbus, Helsinki, 2018.

“Source Fold Compositor,” Double-Grass at Fenko Catalysis Chamber, Taipei, 2018.

“Solar Helix,” Fukugan Gallery, Osaka, 2018.

“Source Fold Compositor,”“MFA Late Night,” Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, 2018.

“Lagos Presenta P.A.P.I. + UV,” Lagos, Mexico City, 2018.

“Source Fold Compositor”, The Anderson, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, 2018.

“Source Fold Compound Generator,”“Situations #90,”  Fotomuseum Winterthur, 2017.

“Knotted Gate Presence Weave,”“Sonic Arcade,” Museum of Arts and Design, NYC, 2017.

“Drift Iteration Paths,”“Converge45,”  Littman Gallery, Portland State University, Portland, OR, 2017.

“Times Square Midnight Moment,” Times Square, NYC, 2017.

“Integrated Scape Transducer,”“Past Skin,”  MoMA PS1, NYC, 2017.

“Knotted Gate Chant Cycle,” Open Space, Baltimore, 2017.

“Nested Transmuter Cycle,” Interstitial, Seattle, 2017.

“MSHR.” Washington State University, Pullman, 2017.

“Knotted Gate Chant Cycle,” Harvestworks, NYC, 2016

“Resonant Glyph Modulator,”“Time Based Arts Festival,” Portland Institute of Contemporary Art, Portland, 2014.

“Resonant Hyper Symbol Modulator”“Megarave,” Kunsthaus Langenthal, 2014.

“Ceremonial Chamber,” Cell Projects, London, 2014.

“Ceremonial Chamber,” Two Queens, Leicester, 2014.

“Ceremonial Chamber,” Exit, Maison des Artes Creteil, 2014.

“Ceremonial Chamber,”“VIA,” Maubeuge, 2014.

“Liquid Hand”, Upfor, Portland, OR, 2013.

“Ceremonial Chamber”, “Binary Lore”, Three Walls, Chicago, 2013.

“Liquid Vehicle Transmitter”, with Brenna Murphy, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco, 2013.

“Brenna Murphy”, with MSHR, Kunstverein Dusseldorf, 2013.

“MSHR”, Yoga Center/Vita Rosen, Goteborg, 2013.

“Solar Helix & Ceremonial Chamber”, “Binary Lore”,PNCA, Portland, OR, 2012.

“Earthly Door”, Appendix Project Space, Portland, 2012.

"New World", Le Dictateur, Milan, 2011.


Material Sentience Habitat Ring, 22 mins, commissioned by, 2020.

Bloom Cycles, 20 mins, commissioned by Kraak, 2020.

Mind Synthesis Hallway Reflector, 28 mins, commissioned by ARs, Baltimore, 2019.

Convolution Weave~Lattice Domain, 2:55 mins, commissioned by Times Square Arts, NYC, 2017.

Web Art

"Orbit Instantiator," comissioned by Liquid Architecture's Disclaimer Journal, 2022

"HOSHI Web Instrument," in collaboration with Tomutonttu, 2021

“Instance Terrain Spread,” Fulcrum Arts, Los Angeles, 2021

“Instance Terrain Crawler,” Rewire Festival, Den Haag, 2021

“MSHR x Nyege Nyege,” Nyege Nyege Festival, Kampala, 2020

“cavrncode,” , 2013

“Inward Conch ~ Upward Spiral,” , 2012

Group Exhibitions

“A Leap Into the Void: Art Beyond Matter,” Bergamo, 2023

“Phenomenon: RGB,” Laforet Museum, Tokyo, 2019

“Sedona,” Villa du Parc, Geneva, 2019

“Middlesbrough Arts Weekender,” Middlesbrough, 2018

“Hallucinations,”  Festival organized by Ben Russell at Documenta 14, Athens, 2017

“The World is Sound,” The Rubin Museum, NYC, 2017.

“Spring Break Art Show,” “Knotted Gate Chant Cycle,” NYC, 2017

“Transmediale,” Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin, 2014.

“Everything Wants to Run”, Block 336, London, 2013

“Qualia Cerasite,” Eyebeam, NYC, 2012

“Techne Rendered Dawn”, Disjecta, Portland, OR, 2012

“These Peanuts are Bullets”, Family Business Gallery, NYC, 2012.

"baumarktmusik," qujOchÖ, Linz, 2011

“Frieze Art Fair”, Lucky PDF booth, London, 2011


Mesh Manifold, The Lab, San Francisco, Oct 5, 2023

Mesh Manifold, Indexical, Sept 29 + 30, 2023

Klang Moor Shopfe, Aug 31- Sept 10, 2023

Klang Moor Shopfe, Aug 31- Sept 10, 2023
Japan tour May-June 2023
Europe tour, March-April 2023
North America tour, Fall 2022
Tomutonttu + MSHR in collaboration, Finland tour, August 2022
Europe Tour, June 2022
West Coast US Tour, April 2022
Tomutonttu + MSHR in collaboration , Blank Forms, NYC, Dec 8 + 9, 2021
Creative Music Guild's Improvisation Summit of Portland, October 14, 2021
Imaginary Network Topologies, April 16, 2021
Experimental Sound Studio, organized by Peter Burr, June 20, 2020
cyber SOTU festival, April 16, 2020
Duke University, Co-Lab @ home, April 9, 2020
Äänipäivät Online festival, March 28, 2020
SAIC and Columbia, organized by Peter Burr, Chicago, March 10, 2020
Various Artists Record Release, Printed Matter St. Marks, NYC, March 8, 2020
Cosmic Rays Film Festival, Chapel Hill, March 5, 2020
Kedampunk (Ex Tuck & Trap), Denpasar, Bali, Feb 29
Ngajiswara, organized by Ruang Gulma, Yogyakarta, Jan 27, 2020
Bangkok Noise Festival, Dec 22, 2019
Jam Cafe, Bangkok, Dec 20, 2020
Neighbours 2.0, De Commune, Bangkok, Dec 19, 2020
Liquid Architecture / MONASH, Melbourne, 2019

Japan Tour, Japan, 2019

San Francisco Electronic Music Festival, San Francisco, 2019

Moscow International Experimental Film Festival, Moscow, 2019

Canicas Festival, live improv collab with Makoto Kawabata, Oaxaca, 2019

Colexpla, Teatro Carlos Alberto, Porto, 2018

HIAP 20th Anniversary event, Helsinki, 2018

Saturnalia Festival,Macao, Milan, 2018

MSHR Presented by Double-Grass at Fenko Catalysis Chamber, Taipei, 2018

Slow Life Avante Garde,DOMMUNE, Tokyo, 2018

Soup, Tokyo, 2018

Super Deluxe, Tokyo, 2018.

Black + Fog Show, CONPASS, Osaka, 2018

Namba BEARS, Osaka, 2018

Sonic Anchor,Contemporary Musiking Hong Kong, Hong Kong, 2018

KOTZKER volume 1. Sonidos y visuales en Oaxaca," La Locomotora, Oaxaca, 2018

P.A.P.I. presenta, LAGOS, Mexico City, 2018

El Nicho, Ex Teresa Arte Actual, Mexico City, 2018

Spittle of the Moon, MoMA PS1, NYC 2017.

Moving Sounds, Austrian Cultural Forum, Roulette, NYC, 2017.

Sight and Sound, Eastern Bloc, Montreal, 2017

Pop Rally, MOMA PS1, NYC, 2017

Hallucinations Documenta14, Athens, 2017

Veranda, Sorbus Galleria, Helsinki, 2017

KIILAN ÄÄNIPÄIVÄT, Kemiö Island, 2017

Rhizom, Zurich, 2017.

Europe Tour with Max Eilbacher + Duncan Moore and Headband, May-June 2017

Sonic Acts Festival, Amsterdam, 2017

“Attention! We’ve Moved,” organized by Constance Hockaday and The Lab for UNTITLED, San Francisco, 2017.

Ant Farm / LST inflatable, Pioneer Works, Brooklyn, 2017

LAMPO, The Graham Foundation, Chicago, 2016

Art Book Fair, MoMA PS1, NYC, 2016

Tetraphonics,Pioneer Works, NYC, 2016

Tauba Auerbach’s Projective Instrument, Paula Cooper Gallery, NYC, 2016

West Coast Tour with Max Eilbacher, Nov-Dec 2015

USA Tour, May-July 2015

West Coast Tour with The Tenses, April 2015

Europe Tour, Jan-April 2014

Ceremonial Chamber, Transmediale, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin, 2014

Time Based Arts Festival, Portland, 2013

The Lab, San Francisco, 2013

Skver, Mali Losinj, Croatia, 2013

Palazzo Peckham Opening, Venice Biennale, Italy, 2013

Qualia Cerasite, Eyebeam, NYC, 2012

Pro-Am, Western Front, Vancouver BC, 2012

New World, Le Dictateur, Milan Italy, 2011

Europe Tour with Sporay, Oct 2011


"Liquid Conglomerate Presence Cycle", LP and CD, co-released by Ehse and Sonoscopia, Baltimore/Porto, 2021
"Circular Fruiting Events", digital EP, Krut Records, Antwerp, 2020
"Cybernetic Coil", lathe cut 7", Various Artists, NYC, March 2020
"MSHR Signal Hybrid Recursion", vinyl record + book, De Player, Rotterdam, Jan 2020
“Mind Synthesis Hallway Reflector”, VHS, ARs, Baltimore, 2019.

“MSHR / The Tenses : Mental Formations with Juliette Amoroso and Jamie Potter,” CD, NEUREC, Osaka, 2018.

“Phased Trance Constructions,” Cassette, Unifactor, Cleveland, 2018.

“Emergent Knot Traces,” Cassette, Anathema Archive, 2017.

“MSHR & KDLR- Simulated Mortar Array,” Cassette, Pleasure Editions / MSHR Media, NYC, 2016.

“Resonant Hyperscape Modulator,” Cassette, MSHR Media, Portland, OR, 2015.

“Time Blade Ceremony,” Cassette, MSHR Media, Portland, OR, 2014.

“MSHR/The Tenses,” Cassette, Pigface Records, Portland, OR, 2013.

“Liquid Hand ~ Time Blade,” Cassette, MSHR Media, Portland, OR, 2013.

“Inward Conch~Upward Spiral,” Data disc with video game and album, MSHR Media, Portland, OR, 2012.

“Nesting Face,” Cassette, MSHR Media, Portland, OR, 2011.

“Inward Mountain/Nesting Door (New World),” Vinyl LP, Le Dictateur, 2011.


“Daydream - Segregation from Reality and Stream of Consciousness in Virtual Reality,” Domenico Quaranta, Resonant Realities, 2022

“Order of Sonic Chaos: MSHR”, Artycok TV, Brno, 2022.

“Iterations and Improvisation: an Interview with MSHR”, Bana Bissat, Sound of Life, 2022.

“MSHR build and explore sculptural electronic systems in Liquid Conglomerate Presence Cycle”, Henry Bruce-Jones, Fact Magazine, London, 2021.

“Signal Hybrid Recursion Review”, Emily Pothast, The Wire, 2020.

“Interview With MSHR”, Kazunori Toganoki, Massage, Tokyo, 2019.

“MSHR hace escultura digital, circuitos analógicos y cibernética en vivo,” Hanna Quevedo, Vice, Mexico, February 2018.

MSHR-Knotted Gate Chant Cycle,” Intercourse, Pioneer Works, Brooklyn, 2017.

MSHR's Nested Transmuter Cycle Is Sacred Art for a Virtual Era,” Emily Pothast, The Stranger, Seattle, March 2017.

Interview- MSHR,” Fields Magazine, Issue 7, Fall 2016.

MSHR,” Perfect Wave Magazine, Vol. 4, Fall 2016.

MSHR,” Alt-Esc, 9/2016.

“Floating Noise and Drag Club Celebrates San Francisco's Lost Underground” Sarah Burke, Hyperallergic, Jan 19, 2017.

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“MSHR Art & Muisc Collective Interview: Pathways In & Up,” Ian Paige, Redefine, Sept 19, 2014

“Binary Lore,” John Motley, Art Forum, Jan 2013.

"MSHR 'bio-tech',” Maurizio Catelan, Muse Magazine, Milan, Dec 2011.

"New World," Paola Manfrin, Vogue Italia, Milan, Oct 2011.


Gasbon Metabolism, Yamanashi, 2023.

LOM, Bratislava, 2023.

Titanik, Turku, 2022.

Cashmere Radio, Berlin, 2019.

Museum of Human Achievement, Austin, 2019.

AUX-AiR, Stockton-On-Tees, 2018.

HIAP, Helsinki, 2018.

LAGOS, Mexico City, 2018.

Pioneer Works, Brooklyn, 2016-2017.

Signal Culture, Owego, 2016.

Sonoscopia, Porto, 2014 and 2018.

Eyebeam Art + Technology Center, NYC, 2014.

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