Audio composition featured on Episode 4 of Withstanding, The Finnish Cultural Institute in New York, July 2021

Instance Terrain Spread, web-art piece, presented by Fulcrum Arts, Sequencing, May 2021

Liquid Conlgomerate Presence Cycle, album by MSHR, co-released by Ehse and Sonoscopia, May 2021.

Liquid Conglomerate Presence Cycle, video and article on Fact Magazine, May 12, 2021

Interactive audiovisual composition INSTANCE TERRAIN CRAWLER, Rewire Festival, May 6-9, 2021

Performance on Imaginary Network Topologies April, 2021

Music videos and Virtual 3d Zone for Don Zilla, Phelimuncasi Produced by Menzi, Nilotika Cultural Ensemble and Biga Yut for Nyege Nyege Festival, Dec 2020

MSHR EP out on Krut Records: Circular Fruiting Events, Nov 2020

Remix on Female Wizard's album Messy-Podge-Mania, Nov 2020

Immersive screening of commissioned video "Material Sentience Habitat Ring" at MIRA Festival, Nov 2020

Contribution in Sorbus's publication WASTED YEARS - Sad, sexy, and artist-run, Nov 2020

Virtual installation in Planet L.E.V., visit HERE (ongoing), or physically in Madrid, Sept 2020

Remix on Pisitakun's album "Absolute C.O.U.P." on Chinabot, released July 2020

Video for Kraak HERE, June 2020

Experimental Sound Studio: The Quarantine Concerts, organized by Peter Burr, June 2020

MSHR track on this Qu Junktions comp HERE, June 2020

Mix for Pyschic Sounds' Lost Discoveries Radio, May 2020

MSHR generative composition "/systemArchitecture" unfolds live on Chronopolis on Cashmere Radio.

Musa Ullakolla Festival, SWGBBO Virtual World, May 2020

Presentation and performance at SAIC and Columbia, organized by Peter Burr, Chicago, March 10, 2020

Performance at Printed Matter St. Marks for record release with Various Artists, NYC, March 8, 2020

Performance at Cosmic Rays Film Festival, Chapel Hill, March 5, 2020

Performance for Chaos Non Musica, at Kedampunk (Ex Tuck & Trap), Denpasar, Bali, Feb 29

Performance at Ngajiswara, organized by Ruang Gulma, Yogyakarta, Jan 27, 2020

"MSHR Signal Hybrid Recursion"
combined 12" vinyl and 72 page book
released by De Player, Jan 2020
Listen/View online version HERE

Performance in Bangkok, Dec 22, 2019 at Bangkok Noise Festival

Performance in Bangkok, Dec 20, 2019 at Jam

Performance in Bangkok,
Dec 19,2019 organized by Neighbours at De Commune

Performances in Melbourne organized by Liquid Architecture, Nov 30 & Dec 1

Japan Tour with Shinji Masuko / MOAN, November 9 - 24

Exhibition at Calm & Punk Gallery, Tokyo, Oct 25 - Nov 3

Performance at San Francisco Experimental Music Festival, Sept 13, 2019

Performance at Somewhere Else, Portland, OR, Aug 21, 2019

Performance at Moscow International Experimental Film Festival, Moscow, July 13, 2019

Performance at Gardena Fest V, De Player, Rotterdam, June 29 2019

Residency at Cashmere Radio, Berlin, May~June 2019

VHS release on ARs Media, Baltimore, May 2019

Screening at JIKAN Design Space, Osaka, May 11 2019

Collaborative performance with Makoto Kawabata at Canicas in Oaxaca, Mar 23 2019

Interview with MASSAGE, Tokyo, March 2019

Screening at Museum of Human Achievement, Austin, Feb 24 2019

Performance at St. Vitus, NYC, Feb 7 2019

Performance at Disgraca, Lisbon, Jan 26 2019